Jynn Schubert

Ms. Schubert is a focused journalist successful in developing both breaking news articles and investigative pieces. 

Her journey started as news editor for the award winning Cougar Claw, where she became EIC and transformed the tabloid-style print edition into a full color magazine. She has since worked as a reporter for the Tomball/Magnolia Tribune, the Gotham Gazette in New York City, the student-run North Texas Daily, and is the Texas representative for Salon's Young Americans program. 

She also has experience with copy editing along with experience in various departments in radio that she acquired from her internship at Radio One, Dallas. 

She also manages her own website, where she covers a range of topics from news to personal columns. 


Graduated from Tomball High School a member of the Quill and Scroll International Honor Society

"We were Open Carry Swords before Open Carry Swords were cool"

When Texas House Bill 1935, the decision by the state to remove the public restriction on carrying blades more than 5.5 inches long, went into effect in September, it coincided with the most big-blade-friendly time of year: the Texas Renaissance Festival. “We've always allowed patrons to come in with swords and axes, bows and arrows, things like that,” said Travis Bryant, Marketing Director for TRF. He began working as a performer on the grounds 17 seasons ago. “But we've always required them t

Rep. Jeffries Endorses Council Member Cumbo for Reelection

New York Congressional Representative Hakeem Jeffries, a Democrat who represents parts of Brooklyn and Queens, has endorsed City Council Member Laurie Cumbo for reelection. Cumbo, a first-term Democrat from District 35, which covers Prospect Heights, Fort Greene, Clinton Hill and parts of Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights in Brooklyn, is in the midst of a tough primary battle against Ede Fox, a Democrat who lost to Cumbo in 2013 and is running again this year. Jeffries, whose congressional district includes large parts of Cumbo’s Council district, explained the endorsement to Gotham Gazette in a phone interview on Monday. “These are challenging times in our country, and Democratic members of our Congress are fighting hard each and every day to stop the onslaught of regressive policies coming from the Trump administration,” he said. “In this atmosphere, having a strong ally in the City Council to defend the interests of the neighborhoods we both represent is critically important. There is no better ally that I could have at the local or state level than Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo.”

Texas sheriff’s Facebook war on “political correctness” upsets residents

Denton County, a small area north of Dallas, is host to a diverse population of old-timers and college students. It's also home to local sheriff Tracy Murphree, who's been making headlines thanks to a history of controversial Facebook posts. Following the May terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester , for example, he called for an end to "political correctness" and warned against an enemy with an ideology “ hell bent on killing you .” The post, in which he declared, "The left

Rare Green Party Primary in Brooklyn City Council Race

Despite laying claim to less than one percent of party affiliated registered voters within New York City, the Green Party has two candidates competing in a rare primary this year. Candidates Jabari Brisport and Scott Hutchins are facing each other for the chance to run against the winner of the Democratic primary between incumbent Laurie Cumbo and Ede Fox, as well as Republican candidate Christine Parker, in the 35th City Council District, which includes central Brooklyn neighborhoods like Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and parts of Crown Heights.

New Jersey is About to Elect a New Governor. Why It Matters to New York

After competitive primaries, the New Jersey gubernatorial race is now between Republican Kim Guadagno and Democrat Phil Murphy. As the candidates head toward November's Election Day, New Yorkers may want to pay attention to the race and how each major party candidate might affect New York if elected. Given the proximity and relationship between the two states, particularly in relation to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and the fact that New York's workforce includes many New Jersey commuters, the next governor of New Jersey will have significant sway over key infrastructure, transportation, economic, public safety, public health, and other decisions that affect New Yorkers.

Painting for relaxation and self; how not to go broke

As I, like every other twenty year old, try to navigate my way through the stresses of adult life, I am pelted with a variety of ways one can unwind at the end of a long day or grueling week. Painting works for me, and though it doesn’t work for everybody, nothing makes me feel better than a few hours of swirling colors and good music. However, I’m not painting to be the next Picasso, I’m painting to let out steam. If this sounds like something that could work for you, I have a few tips that could save you money in the long-run.

International Women’s Day march calls for “an end to gender violence”; Men impersonate trans women | North Texas Daily

Student activists from UNT partnered with students from Texas Woman’s University to commemorate International Women’s Day on Wednesday by organizing a march to the Square. There were complications during the rally however, after it was discovered that one of the members of the crowd was YouTuber Steven Crowder, who had been impersonating transgender women with a friend.

UNT students, faculty again protest to make UNT sanctuary campus | North Texas Daily

A few dozen UNT students and faculty stood on the steps of the Hurley Administration Building Monday to protest and petition President Neal Smatresk to make UNT a sanctuary campus. UNT students advocating for the university to become a sanctuary to undocumented immigrants were satisfied after meeting with Smatresk to discuss policy reforms after previously unsuccessful negotiations. Though Smatresk cautioned onlookers and activists of the limitations to the university’s abilities to legally support undocumented students, he said ICE agents would not be allowed on campus without first obtaining a warrant.

Black Lives Matter demonstration creates dialogue on UNT campus

Students were moved this week by a Black Lives Matter demonstration involving dozens of posters duct taped to the wall of Willis Library, Thursday. The posters, six of which were originally hung by sociology senior Jazmine McGill along with friends David Rafael Montalvo and Nadia Ala’i Rosales have continuously grown in numbers expressing mostly student support for the BLM movement and the victims of police brutality in the United States.

Bagheri struggles to clear the air after spread of false information | North Texas Daily

Council member Kevin Roden started a slew of accusations that candidate Sara Bagheri received money from a tea party political action committee, but Bagheri’s campaign finance reports show she has not taken any money from the PAC. Bagheri was endorsed by the group Empower Texans after completing a questionnaire sent to all of the candidates, but has not received campaign money, according to reports.

Bagheri challenges City Council to be more transparent, runs for office | North Texas Daily

Sara Bagheri wants to replace Greg Johnson in May for the At Large Place 6 position on the Denton City Council. Bagheri hopes to focus first and foremost on hiring an auditor, one of four positions City Council has the authority to hire. The auditor position, whose job is to balance City Council’s budget and manage how much is spent, hasn’t been filled since 2011. Bagheri said Denton’s government is not accessible enough for her constituents.

Denton says NO to ‘pro-rape’ group | North Texas Daily

Despite the “pro-rape” group Return of Kings cancelling its rally scheduled for 8 p.m. Saturday at the Denton Square, citizens of Denton County still gathered in counter-protest. The protesters got together after the Facebook group #ThisIsNotDenton organized its rally in response. Before Return of Kings cancelled its meetings, the group intended to discuss its plan to legalize rape on private property.

Students unsatisfied by residence hall kitchenettes | North Texas Daily

Of the 13 residence halls on campus, 12 do not have community stoves or ovens. And students say that’s not cutting it, because the university advertises full kitchenettes in the dorms for public use. The fire marshal last spring determined the residence halls’ ventilation systems were not up to code, so the stoves and ovens had to be removed. Construction crews building Rawlins Hall, established to house honors students, were able to conform to those standards, affording the residents there the luxuries of both an oven and a stove.
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